About Us

Karn Goode is a fashion label, designer, and illustrator. The designer has over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and brings forth her international expertise, creativity, and passion towards her new label that launched in New York in 2016. Working with the worlds’ most prestigious mills and producers, her hopes to build a worldwide brand are already underway. 

The label focuses on sustainability and a 4F Standard for all pieces. 

These 4F's stand for:

The designer tests the FIT and comfort of the garments and quality of materials before the pieces are available for sale. Her experience and understanding of garment and accessory fit ensures the customer can wear these items with confidence.

When choosing fabrics for a collection, the materials must have a special attribute such as a soft handle or cosy FEEL. Each fabric must feel luxurious and comfortable against the skin.  

Our experience working with high tech sportswear labels such as Helly Hansen, Fjallraven, Fristads, Sail Racing, Haglofs, Peak Performance, and Chevalier has brought forth our expertise in creating pieces with a FUNCTION making versatile items that always have a hint of high tech in either the fabric or the design.

The designer combines street-style and loungewear using haute couture fabrics with natural fibres that create a luxury edge to a casual aesthetic. Each FIBRE is chosen for its fine quality, durability, breathability, odour resistance, temperature control, drape, comfort, and flexibility. The designer focuses on wool, silk, cotton, linen, and other natural fibres that make durable garments last a lifetime. 

We focus on sustainability. One wouldn’t want to ingest harmful chemicals and by the same logic, we wouldn’t want to wear harmful chemicals either. We work with suppliers that take care of their employees and consider their environmental impact. By choosing our garments, you are supporting a responsible label that cares for its employees and its impact on Mother Earth. We hope that you enjoy our products that are designed to last, recycle, up-cycle, and biodegrade back into the earth it came from. 

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