Goode Again



Goode Again is a new initiative for Karn Goode. This project began from our passion for sustainability and our efforts towards the Zero-Waste movement. We use high quality, natural, and biodegradable fibres that are developed by some of the worlds best artisans in France, Italy, Japan, and Portugal.


Short-sleeve sweatshirt made out of cashmere and merino wool pieces that were left over from a small production of hoodie jackets

Our mission to reach Zero-Waste can only be achieved when all of our fabrics are used and reused. We aim to make use of fabric scraps, reuse clothing, and upcycle cherished items by using our expertise in pattern-making and design to create unique pieces. We continue to share our ideas on how we upcycle pieces and educate our clients on how to buy more responsibly and sustainably. We hope you will follow our journey with the Goode Again project.  

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